The influence of sand and dust on diesel generator sets


There are many problems affecting the use of diesel generators, and weather factors are also one of them. Autumn wind and sand, the use of diesel generator set requirements are also high, at the same time in the diesel generator set for a long time, the accumulation of dust will be more and more, which is a common problem of many mechanical equipment, dust, wind and sand on the diesel generator set what are the seven major harm?

1. The dust on the insulation surface combines with oil steam and water for a long time to form a hard shell, which gradually cracks under the action of thermal stress, so that the insulating film of the motor also follows the crack, which is easy to cause the turn, phase and ground insulation breakdown of the motor.

2, due to the influence of dust, will make the motor dielectric loss Angle tangent increase, leakage current increase; Shorten the creepage distance of the insulation meter.

3, due to the mechanical and chemical effects of dust, erosion of winding insulation, is the main factor to destroy the insulation layer.

4. The dust immersed in the insulation gap plays an “abrasive” role on the conductor insulation of electromagnetic vibration, resulting in inter-turn short circuit fault.

5, when the dust is non-conductive and non-flammable material when the motor coil does not have much impact, but the bearing on the motor shaft at both ends has an impact, the bearing is bad cause the stator and rotor phase wear heat, and burn the coil.

6, falling on the winding and iron core and the surface of the housing dust, the motor heat dissipation conditions become worse, reduce the effect of ventilation cooling.

7, the dust and sand in the air are relatively more, which is easy to cause the rapid loss of some parts of the unit, if handled improperly, it will lead to a lot of dust in the machine, making some pipes of the unit clogged.




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