How to avoid vibration of generator body

How to avoid vibration of generator body? It is necessary to know that the generator body causes vibration in addition to its own reasons, and the surrounding environment’s forehead shake and instability will also affect the equipment. In the process of maintaining the generator, the user should use methods to prevent the generator wear, which causes wear there are many reasons, shaking is a reason that cannot be ignored. So how to avoid the generator body vibration?
One: In the maintenance of the generator, if the generator set needs to be moved, it is recommended to use a shock absorber, the shock absorber instrument needs to be fastened with expansion bolts on the concrete base, the operator according to the equipment hole on the generator set chassis, the generator set through the shock absorber placed on the flat and stable base, which can effectively reduce the shaking and impact of the generator set working on the building. In addition to the generator set and the base through the shock absorber equipment, the other components of the unit and the external connection should also be flexible connection. For example, the exhaust pipe is connected with a corrugated shock absorber; Exhaust duct, fuel inlet pipe, return pipe, distribution cable, etc. should also be flexibly connected to minimize the shaking of the surrounding objects due to the work of the unit.
Two: the parts inside the equipment also need to be shockproof, the simpler way is to lubricated maintenance, eliminate friction between the parts, the equipment itself should also find out the shortcomings of the shaking everyone timely maintenance, only in this way can effectively reduce wear, the safety of the generator set and the use of life can certainly be guaranteed.
Effectively avoiding the vibration of the generator set is the key factor to extend the life of the generator set. In the whole process of generator maintenance, the user can adjust the function of the generator set and give full play to the efficiency of the generator set only by doing a good job of shock prevention.
The above has a simple introduction about how to avoid the vibration of the generator body, hoping to help you. If you have any questions, you can contact us and we will serve you wholeheartedly.




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